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Reading Guide for What Happened in Granite Creek

Whew! Hard to believe it’s almost been a month since I officially launched What Happened in Granite Creek. It’s been such a fun ride so far!

I’ve been getting requests for a reading guide, so here it is. Opening this link will open a PDF on your computer. Warning, though: this guide is meant to be read AFTER you’ve finished WHIGC. Spoilers are contained within. Consider yourself warned!

As for the guide, I think it will work well as a starting point for book clubs. Aaand I’m happy to pop into your book club as well (in person if you’re local or via Skype). I don’t attend the full meeting (I find it’s much easier for members to tear a book apart without the author sitting right there), but I’m happy to join you halfway or three quarters of the way through when y’all have had a chance to discuss and tear and debate and are ready to ask the author some questions.

If you’re interested, just let me know. (Ditto with my other novel, Forgotten April.)

Thanks, as always, for your continued support!



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