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George R. R. Martin Answers Fans’ Questions

I adore author interviews, even if it’s an author I haven’t had a chance to read yet, as is the case here. Trust me — George R. R. Martin is on my list! You know, that list that multiplies overnight or when you get it wet or when you shine a bright light on it? Yeah. That list.

Anyhow, this interview is long, but it’s well worth the time. Three favorite parts that I encourage you to check out (readers and writers like):

  • At 5:44: “I have known a few writers who have retired. I cannot imagine ever retiring. Writing and being a writer is too much a part of my identity.” Amen!
  • At 11:55: George explains why he uses multiple third-person viewpoints (I agree with him 100 percent with what he says about omniscient POV). Watch this through 13:30.
  • At 16:34: “Art is not a democracy.” And then he talks about his experience in Hollywood and why it drove him batty. (Watch through 18:00.)

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