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Books to Film – What’s the Allure?

So, I have a question for readers who go to see silver-screen adaptations of books they love: why?

I ask the question of you, but I need to direct the question at myself as well, since I’ll often go see films based on books I love. But why? I know the story. I know how it’s supposed to end. I know that liberties will be taken — liberties that may annoy me — since it’s impossible to stay 100 percent true from book-to-film.

So why do we go?

For me, it’s an opportunity to experience the story in a new way. It’s a chance to see the screenwriter’s, director’s, and actors’ interpretation of the same core story that I experienced on the page. It’s a chance to revisit a story I enjoyed (because I can’t recall going to see a movie based on a book I didn’t like).

Why do you go? Share in the comments.

And speaking of movies-based-on-books that I can’t wait to see, here’s the trailer for The Hunger Games.

Can’t. Wait.

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