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How to Receive Feedback on Your Writing

I’m obsessed with writing group posts this month. The good news? Many of the topics — like how to comment on someone’s writing and the reality of the green-eyed monster — also apply to the larger topic of writing in general. And so, I continue. Today’s topic? How to receive feedback on your writing. The […]

Green Writers (and I’m Not Talking Newbies)

As part of my celebration of National Writing Group Month (do you think I might launch a movement?), I’ve covered how to start a writing group and how to workshop submissions in your writing group. Now, I want to address a topic that we writing group members don’t like to talk about: jealousy and competition. […]


How to Workshop Writing in Your Critique Group

Some people hate the term workshop. I don’t have a problem with the word, and we use the term in my writing group, so I’m going with it. In this recent post, I talked about how to start a writing group (in honor of National Writing Group Month, which I made up). So let’s talk […]

Indie Author Interview: Chuck Igo

Today’s indie author feature is a Q&A with Chuck Igo, author of Taken Identity. Chuck is a full-time morning radio host on Portland, Maine’s Big Hits Y100.9. He calls himself “a workin’ schlub trying to help raise his kids and get them on their way to life’s adventures.” He credits his wife, Deb, for helping […]

Yes, You’ve Been Accepted. No, You Haven’t.

This just happened to me. Back in June, an editor from The Breakwater Review called to tell me my personal essay, “Roar,” had been accepted and would be appearing in the summer issue. (It ended up appearing in September, but that’s a story for another post.) A few days ago, I got an email from […]

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e-Reader Device Debate – Why I Chose a Nook

Ready to hear my reason for choosing a Nook, B&N’s official e-reader? I’d like to say I did months of research and pored over reports and reviews. But here’s the truth. I’d been thinking about the e-reader thing for a little while and simply decided to pull the trigger. I ordered a Kindle 2 (3G) […]

Why Sell My Short Stories Online?

How long have I known I wanted to be a writer? I can trace it back to Mrs. Shea’s fourth grade class when she gave us a short story assignment. As I sat at my desk drafting the piece, first in pencil and then rewriting it in ink (no computers back then), I knew. As […]