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Getting Started is the Hardest Part (For Anything)

Last week, I helped my BFF pack and move some stuff into her new place. She’s moving officially in a couple of weeks, but my day with her was the first day she got serious about packing. She said starting is the hardest part for her and that we at least did that. I think […]

Breathing New Life into an Old Work

The day after Christmas, I was driving home from Salisbury Beach (normally, I visit the ocean on Christmas Day, but Mother Nature didn’t cooperate this year). In the car, One Love by U2 came on the radio (yep, I still listen to the radio). It’s a classic, right? I just looked it up — it […]

Why I Write

I do it for the cat named Dorian Gray, his last moments filled with terror, his pupils dilated to the size of nickels as the vet administered the lethal shot. I do it for the boy I loved in third grade, for the agonizing awkwardness of seventh, for the “Look how fat she is!” comment […]

How Book Nerds Torture One Another

I’m an unapologetic dog-earer. It never even occurred to me that I might need to apologize for it until a fellow writer/reader and I got to talking about it one day. Apparently, there are two types of people in this world: those who dog-ear books and those who don’t. Also: those who fill up on […]


9 Writing Myths That Haunt Beginners

If you’re new to writing, you’ll encounter plenty of advice from well-meaning scribes, especially if you hang out in writer forums or with your local critique group. But not all advice is created equal. Unfortunately, even in this enlightened age, plenty of writing myths persist—myths that can discourage new writers or lead them down the […]


What I’ve Been Reading and Watching

I love January. I realize that for many people it’s one of their least favorite months, but I find it so hopeful. New year. Days getting noticeably longer. Every now and then a mild day delivers the promise of spring. It’s also a great time to get cozy and read and write and watch good […]

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What I’m Reading

I’ve been feeling stressed over my reading. I get this way sometimes. I’m a reader, but I wouldn’t use the word “voracious.” I go through periods of voraciousness, but then I have quieter periods as well. In the writing world, especially, there’s a ton of pressure (and it’s real) to always be reading. I get […]

How I Spent Christmas Day

December 25, sunny, 40s. You know what that means: PERFECT BEACH DAY, BITCHES. When does something become a tradition? I went to the beach on Christmas last year (remember how warm it was?) AND this year. I’m calling it: Christmas Beach Day is my official holiday tradition now. Today, I saw a horse frolicking in […]

Taphophile Mania: Mount Auburn Cemetery

Hello, my name is Robyn and I’m a taphophile. OMG SOUNDS SO BAD AND POSSIBLY CONTAGIOUS. Relax. Not so bad. And definitely not contagious. A taphophile is a lover of cemeteries (from the Greek “táphos,” which means “tomb” and from the English “phile,” which means “loving” or “friendly” or “friend”). Also known as a tombstone tourist, […]


Writing Tips: When Should You Stop Revising?

A friend of mine is working on a book of poetry. The other day, he sent me an email with this question: “I’m nearly finished with my book but I’m struggling with when to stop doing rewrites and edits and just call it complete. Any advice on when to stop editing? I feel like I could […]