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Yes, You’ve Been Accepted. No, You Haven’t.

This just happened to me. Back in June, an editor from The Breakwater Review called to tell me my personal essay, “Roar,” had been accepted and would be appearing in the summer issue. (It ended up appearing in September, but that’s a story for another post.)

A few days ago, I got an email from some new editors from The Breakwater Review telling me that they were sorry, but they had to pass on my personal essay, “Roar,” which the publication had already published.

I’m not sharing this to point out their error — The Breakwater Review, like many lit journals, is affiliated with an MFA program, so the editors change over with the school year, and I’m sure they’re trying to get through a ton of subs.

My point is this: different readers, different tastes.

It only takes one yes.

For all you writers out there, keep writing. For all you readers out there, try someone new, and if you love his or her work, tell everyone you know. (On behalf of all writers, we thank you in advance.)

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