What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek?

27/09/11 7:00 AM

Oh, it’s time for some fun! And giveaways! And crazy! Because, let’s face it: we all love a little crazy sometimes, right?


I’m all sorts of excited for my new novel, What Happened in Granite Creek, which comes out in less than a month.

To celebrate the pre-launch, I’m holding a happy little contest on this here blog…and helping out one of my favorite charities, Smile Train, while I’m at it.

Help me celebrate, won’t you?

Here’s how to play:

What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek, my fictional town in New Hampshire? I want crazy, outlandish comments, people! Maybe aliens landed. Maybe Dick Cheney penned his memoir there. Maybe aliens took over Dick Cheney’s body while in Granite Creek and turned him into…wait for it…Michele Bachmann! Let your imagination run wild, have some fun, keep it PG-13,and leave what you think happened in Granite Creek in the comments below.

Then what?

For every legitimate comment I get (no spam links, thanks), I’ll donate $2 (in honor of this being my second novel) to Smile Train (up to $500, which would cover TWO surgeries  — I’d be psyched to get 250 legit comments, so have it and spread the word!).

On or about October 4, I’ll choose the most inventive comment and declare a winner. The winner will receive his or her choice of:

  • An ePub or Mobi file of What Happened in Granite Creek OR a signed paperback
  • AND a $50 electronic gift certificate to either Amazon.com or B&N.com

And then, I’ll tally up the comments and make my donation to Smile Train! Win all around!

Terms and stuff:

Anyone 13 or older can enter.

Winner must have a valid email address (which should be included with your comment) in order to receive the e-gift certificate to Amazon.com or B&N.com and the electronic file of the book. If winner opts for paperback, he or she must also provide a valid snail mail address.

Entries are being accepted now (approximately 7:00 AM EDT on 9/27/11) through midnight on 10/3/11.

Winner will be announced on, around, or in the same century as 10/4/11.

You can enter up to three (3) times (by leaving three different comments, which also counts as $6 for Smile Train!).

Void where prohibited.

My family may enter, but anyone with the last name “Bradley” (who is legitimately related to me) will be ineligible to receive the grand prize; however, your comment will count toward the money raised for Smile Train.

All decisions by the judge (me, me, me!) are final.

All entrants will receive an email newsletter from me (via Constant Contact) announcing the official launch of my book. But I won’t email you after that, unless you sign up for my newsletter on your own.

These rules, terms, and dates are subject to change at any time and for any reason without notice, because that’s what will happen should George Clooney drop his latest dancing babe and show up on my doorstep instead.

If the winner opts for the paperback, the wait might be a month or more, depending on when the paperback is finalized. The electronic file will likely be delivered right away, but this could change depending on tech issues. Ditto with the e-card for Amazon or B&N.com.

I’m not responsible for tech glitches, problems with submitting comments, computer issues, the national debt, Donald Trump’s hair, or any other issues remotely related to this contest.

What now?

Submit a comment below!

Tell people about it.

  • Here’s a tweet (copy and paste — it’s fewer than 140 characters as is): What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek? Share the crazy here & help Smile Train while you’re at it: http://bit.ly/n9fRqP #WHIGC
  • Here’s a Facebook status update (copy and paste): Help author Robyn Bradley raise money for Smile Train…and possibly win some fun swag while you’re at it. Leave a creative comment on her blog about what YOU think happened in Granite Creek, the fictional town in Robyn’s upcoming novel: https://www.robynbradley.com/what-do-you-think-happened-in-granite-creek

Have fun! And, as always, thanks so much for your support!


Questions? Email me robyn@robynbradley.com

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10 Comments on “What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek?”

  1. Steve T Says:

    It can only be one thing: While the townspeople of Granite Creek were enjoying an experimental theater production of “12 Angry Birds” starring an all-chicken cast, word got out that the star’s sister had been killed, plucked and Kentucky fried. When the star chicken noticed a strange man in the second row smiling and licking his fingers, she flew into a rage and pecked him to death.

  2. Susan W Says:

    There’s no way I can compete with that crazy Steve T, but here I go.

    There was an invasion of talking squirrels from Planet Espresso Paulo. They spilled all the secrets of the cult of the Nobscot Niblets after injecting Dr. Squirrel Lady with enough energy to stay out drinking every night of the week.

  3. Laura Matthews Says:

    Granite Creek realized its inferiority to Los Angeles, and the entire town relocated, thus opening the door for every neuroses and kink to find more of the same.

  4. Christine Monaco Says:

    A tear in the space/time continuum transformed the friendly, helpful community of Granite Creek into it’s bizarro alter-ego: Ingrate Creek.

  5. Robin Says:

    What happened at Granite Creek? Shh. It must not be spoken of. It was many years ago. There are only 2 people left who know… The “Onceler” so to speak. You can find him at the coffee shop every morning from 6:10am – 7:00am. And me. The one he told. I hold the last remaining “Truffula seed” in my pocket. Once the Onceler is no more, I must find a way to tell the story. A way to make the people understand… to plant the seed and help the people, the descendants of this broken town to heal, to hope, to begin again.

  6. Don Kelley Says:

    Hmmm. I have an unfair advantage here, having alreday read the book. I’ll just say that you’ll find out where US Route 6 begins and ends. You also may be able to guess the real name of the yogurt shop and find out how big a culvert is.

  7. Martin Dugas Says:

    A group of boys catch a weird looking frog while playing near the town’s forbidden creek (we are in Granite Creek right, so there has to be a creek somewhere!) One of them secretly brings the frog home and hides it in a shoe box. The day after, he begins to say “ribbit” all the time. Then, his whole family begins to say it too. Soon enough, everybody in town is saying “ribbit” uncontrollably! People can still think normally, but all that comes out of their mouth is “ribbit ribbit ribbit”! Word of this strange, yet funny plague hits the media. The town is quarantined by authorities. One day, a strange old man mysteriously appears in front of City Hall, carrying a large glass jar. Several bystanders ask the old man, “Ribbit?” He simply removes the lid on the jar and releases thousands of jelly bean-flavored flies in the air. The whole town goes crazy and all the juicy flies are eaten by the frog-people. The old man leaves town and the next day, everything goes back to normal! No more “ribbits”… this is really what happened in Granite Creek!

  8. Phil Says:

    What happened at Granite Creek? Too all appearances, nothing; the towns people continue about their daily lives as if nothing had changed. However, on a day three weeks ago each and every person experienced a certain draining of their emotions, a leaching of their ability to empathize with each other that left them with all the heart and compassion of dispassionate sociopaths. Now the town ticks on, going through the motions, primed to explode when the first itinerant traveler stops by…

  9. Mary Hart Says:

    The people in the little town of Granite Greek happily went around their daily activities, never thinking of leaving Granite Creek. And that’s a good thing, because Granite Creek is really the world’s largest set of a reality show (a la “The Truman Show”) but in this case, every child, teenager and twenty-something on the show thinks they’re living their life in reality and not for TV. Then, one day, one girl wants to leave and takes a path out of the woods…

  10. Moneen Says:

    There are SO many things happening in Granite Creek – the characters move as swiftly as that New England creek after a spring snow melt!