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For those of you on Twitter, I’d love for you to help me spread the word about my new novel, What Happened in Granite Creek, which is coming out in less than a month.

I’ve registered a hash tag for the novel on Twitter: #WHIGC

Any time you mention it, I’d love for you to include the hash tag.

Ready to get started? I posted a contest on Tuesday, asking people to come up with the craziest thing that they think happened in Granite Creek, the fictional town in my book (and the crazier the comment, the better).

For every legit comment I get, I’m donating $2 to Smile Train (the “2” representing my second novel), AND the craziest, most inventive comment will receive his or her choice of an eBook or signed paperback of What Happened in Granite Creek plus a $50 gift certificate to Amazon or B& Details here.

I’d love for you to tweet the following (just copy and paste into Twitter – it’s fewer than 140 characters): What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek? Share the crazy here & help Smile Train while you’re at it: #WHIGC

Thanks, everyone. And remember, you’ll be able to find out what REALLY happened in Granite Creek in October.

Read on! 🙂

NOTE: I originally had #WHIG-C as the hash (and have it registered as well), but after using it on Twitter the other day, I learned that Twitter doesn’t recognize the hyphen. So the hyphenless #WHIGC is what I’m using now.

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