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I had a lot of fun with my “What do YOU think happened in Granite Creek?” contest. There were some laugh-out-loud entries, and they all supported a good cause: raising money for one of my favorite charities, Smile Train, which provides cleft palate surgery for kids.

I was committed to giving $2 for every comment I received. Ten (very funny) comments came through, and I decided to go with $50 to Smile Train. This covers medication needed for one surgery. I’ll be doing another commentpalooza toward the end of the year, so there will be more opportunities to help me raise money for worthy charities like Smile Train.

If you can give to Smile Train — no gift is too small — I encourage you to do so. You’ll help a kid smile, and I guarantee you’ll smile while you’re doing it. 🙂

Okay…business out of the way. Onto the winner. So I took my top faves — the angry chicken fight, the ingrates in Granite Creek, the crazy rabbit story, and others — and went to Random.org for the winner since I couldn’t decide.

Drum roll, please. And the winner is Christine Monaco. Here’s what she thinks happened in Granite Creek: “A tear in the space/time continuum transformed the friendly, helpful community of Granite Creek into it’s bizarro alter-ego: Ingrate Creek.”

Simple, clear, to-the-point, and it certainly would make me keep on reading.

Congrats, Christine. I’ll be in touch to get you your $50 e-gift card and your official copy of What Happened in Granite Creek.

Aaaand if you want to know what really happened in Granite Creek…stay tuned…you can find out later this month.

Thanks to everyone who played!

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