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And You Thought NaNoWriMo Was Hard

Just discovered this dude who is trying to write one novel per month for 12 months. He just finished January. You can follow his progress here.

Here’s his reasoning, and I quote:

“Great authors such as Stephen King have assured the world that we all need to write 1,000,000 words of drivel before we can actually begin writing things of note, and thus I have set about in a slightly ludicrous fashion to do just that. At 2,740 words per day, I should hit my first million word mark come December 31st.”

King talks about this in his writing memoir, On Writing (highly recommend). And I think I agree that one million words is probably about right. But to get them out all at once? That’s a lot of writing diarrhea. We’ll see how he does, though. Let’s check in on him in June and see where he’s at…and how sane he is. I give him a lot of credit.

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