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10 Places I Get Ideas for Stories…

…in no particular order:

  1. PostSecret (My short story “A Touch of Charlotte” was inspired by one of the postcards from PS.)
  2. The “Science” section from one of my favorite magazines, The Week. Actually, almost all the sections of The Week get my juices going (a close second – almost anything in Wired).
  3. The news, in general.
  4. Cop shows like Law & Order, SVU, Criminal Minds.
  5. Freak shows that A&E and TLC like to run, like Hoarders.
  6. People watching, anywhere.
  7. My idea journal. (When I was a kid, I loved going through my toy box and finding things I’d forgotten about. It’s the same experience with my idea journal, which is where I record ideas whenever they come to me, including the middle of the night.)
  8. The shower. What is it about the shower that does it for so many people?
  9. Driving. Ditto the shower; there’s something about driving that soothes my muse and allows the ideas to flow.
  10. The beach, especially during the off-season when no one is around.

If you’re a writer, where do you get your ideas? Share in the comments.

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