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“What Happened in Granite Creek” is Here!

I’m happy to announce the official launch of my second novel, What Happened in Granite Creek. It’s available on Kindle and Nook. Soon to be available on iPad and in paperback. If you have another e-reader, you can buy the ePub file from Lulu and side load it to your device.

Here’s the product description:

When Koty Fowler’s husband volunteers her to visit Jamie, a quadruple amputee who lost his limbs in Iraq, neither Koty nor Jamie is happy. Jamie resents being “babysat” every day. Koty resents her lot in life: almost 30, mother of three, and trapped in an unhappy marriage in Granite Creek, a small New Hampshire town. But when Koty and Jamie come together in a sexually-charged situation, everything changes.

While Koty continues to explore her relationship with Jamie, her life at home spirals out of control: her sometimes-abusive husband drinks too much, and her middle daughter is on a destructive path, skipping school and getting into fights, while Koty’s other two girls are left to watch.

What happens next, however, leaves everyone reeling, and the Fowler family must learn how to move forward, even as they struggle to understand what happened in their own backyard.

Told in multiple viewpoints and spanning across nearly two decades, What Happened in Granite Creek brings readers on a journey of intrigue and unexpected twists while reminding us that nothing is ever what it seems.

I’m incredibly excited about this book, which evolved from my short story “Support Our Troops.” I’ll be spending the next two months devoting these blog posts to all things related to What Happened in Granite Creek, including how it evolved from a short story to a novel, the soundtrack that inspired me along the way, some in-depth discussions about the characters (which will likely contain some spoilers, so I’ll be saving those posts for December so I can give readers a fighting chance to keep up).

Also, in celebration of this book’s birth, I’ve registered this hash tag for Twitter: #WHIGC.  If you tweet about this book or retweet any of my blog posts or whatever, I’d love for you to include the #WHIGC tag. Let’s get people talking…and curious about the book!

As always, I love hearing from my readers, so don’t hesitate to connect with me here, on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at I’m doing book club visits – local and in person before Christmas – and via Skype for however long people want. (I’ll pick up with in-person visits again in April 2012.)

Thanks for your continued support!

Oh, and here’s the official trailer:

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