Three Firsts…

01/09/11 7:00 AM
  1. I told someone that my second novel is coming out in October. Here’s what he said (via email): “Will I be able to get it on my Nook? Or in store?” (Notice the order of those two phrases.)
  2. I was driving through the winding roads of my apartment complex, and I spotted a young woman walking up a hill, her attention completely focused on her Kindle.
  3. I’m reading Lolita, one of those classics I’d never gotten around to checking out. I bought it from Annie’s Book Stop, a wonderful indie bookstore that’s hosted my writers’ group for the last 6.5 years. The owner closed the shop this past weekend, and he’s had these amazing “everything must go” sales.” I bought Lolita for 50 cents. When I was reading it in bed the other night, sand poured out from between the pages (that’s a first for me…and not something that’s likely to happen with my Nook).

What interesting things have happened to you this week?

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4 Comments on “Three Firsts…”

  1. Martin Dugas Says:

    I often buy used books/novels in book stores (sometimes in garage sales too!). For some strange reasons, I am always attracted to book stores. I must go inside and check each one out. It has come to the point now that before going in, I ‘challenge’ myself to NOT buy anything (simply because I have enough books already)! During the last few evenings or so, I was desperately searching on the internet for a very specific short story which I had heard about in another book I am currently reading. Finally I found the anthology book in which it had published, and when I saw the cover page/picture of this particular book I thought “Hey, wait a minute… I think I have this book already… in a box somewhere!!!” Sure enough, I did! I read the short story which I was looking for and I was a happy camper.

    What I need to do next is to make a list of all the books I have!!!

  2. Robyn Says:

    I, too, love browsing through used bookstores, but now that I have my Nook, I do think twice before buying (something I’d never have expected). Have you heard of Library Thing? It’s an easy way to catalog all the books you’ve ever read:

  3. Geoffrey Cubbage Says:

    Well, yeah, but can you get “Lolita” on the Nook for fifty cents?

  4. Robyn Says:

    Actually, it’s possible Lolita is in some of those freebie classics “bundles” that are sometimes released on Nook and Kindle (your comment reminded me to check my “50 Great Classic Books” that I got for free or some insanely low price…Lolita wasn’t in there, but things like War & Peace and Wuthering Heights were). 🙂