Soundtrack to What Happened in Granite Creek

06/12/11 6:00 AM

I’m part Luddite: I don’t have an iPod or an MP3 player or even a stereo. I listen to stuff online or CDs on my computer. Weird, I know, considering I spent nearly a decade in broadcast radio.

That said, music affects me like it does everyone else…it transports, and it inspires. Here are the songs that I listened to over and over during the drafting stages of the novel — or, more accurately, here are links to the YouTube videos I watched obsessively. These became the soundtrack to What Happened in Granite Creek — in my mind, at least.

Far Away Nickelback
Already Gone Kelly Clarkson
Just Breathe Pearl Jam (played over and over in March 2010 when I was deep in the draft)
Possum Kingdom Toadies
Gives You Hell The All-American Rejects
Under Pressure Queen and David Bowie
Say John Mayer (not the official video — for some reason, I liked this angsty version)
Long Long Time Linda Ronstadt
The Promise Tracy Chapman (one of my favorite songs of all time…and one of the saddest, too)
Crazy Heart Ryan Bingham (the trailer for the movie of the same name)
Hands Clean Alanis Morissette

What music do you listen to when you’re doing something you love? (Or do you listen to anything?) Share in the comments.

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3 Comments on “Soundtrack to What Happened in Granite Creek”

  1. dennis miller Says:

    I spent 30 years as a musician playing in country and 50s-60s rock bands. I spent 12 years hosting a Saturday morning country music show. Music affects me deeply and I cannot have music on when I’m writing. I tried classical — everything from Mozart to Vivaldi. When I write I must have silence because my mind is filled with a world of scenery, characters, sounds and smells and allows no distractions. That makes me, when I’m writing, a really boring guy.

  2. Robyn Says:

    It’s funny, Dennis — I usually don’t have music on while I’m writing…but in between scenes or after the “writing day” is over, I’ll become obsessive and start playing and watching the videos. (BTW, I used to work in radio, too, and one of our sister stations had a very popular Sunday morning country oldies show…I wonder if you and its DJ–Michael Burns–ever crossed virtual paths?)

  3. Martin Dugas Says:

    @Dennis: Same here! Music with words/lyrics tends to distract me. I’ve tried classical music too (with low volume); I can tolerate it. But for me, the best music when I write is the music of silence!