Why I Don’t Have Kids

08/09/11 7:00 AM

Considering how insane I am with my cat/muse, I think it’s best we let my ovaries be.

Anyhow. Yeah. I’d love for you to meet my muse and not-so-little kitty, Dorian Gray (named after that dastardly and dashing character in the Oscar Wilde novel of the same name).

Handsome Boy.

Avid Reader.


Exercise Maven.

Domestic Darling.

Cunning and Sly.

Who — or what — inspires you? Share in the comments.

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2 Comments on “Why I Don’t Have Kids”

  1. Martin Dugas Says:

    While I was taking a walk with Fred, my dog, I came up with the following analogy to explain what inspiration means to me. Fuel is necessary for a car to move, right? Well, inspiration is necessary for our mind to do marvellous things! Inspiration is a type of fuel that gets us going, that motivates us, that pushes us to do something great! Like writing (or painting, cooking, singing, or whatever your passion is).

    Some people inspire me. A few examples:

    Cesar Millan – this man started out with absolutely nothing. But he had a special talent with dogs, and he a had a dream. He wanted to become a great canine expert. He worked at it very hard, kept going and never gave up. Look at what he became. You have to give him credit. He inspires me to be a better Alpha to Fred, my 75-pound Golden Retriever!

    Mike Holmes – he is a canadian general contractor. When he was just a teenager, he was already renovating basements on his own! He was very talented. He worked his way up and today he continues his mission to Make It Right – with his TV shows, his books and his magazine, he educates homeowners (and other contractors) on how to properly undertake a home renovation project or what to look for before purchasing a new home. I work in the field of construction/buildings, so I watch his shows, I read his books and his magazines and I learn a whole lot of stuff! This man inspires me to do things right the first time!

    The 6-year old daughter of one of my friends – at birth, she had multiple fractures. She has a rare disease, her bones are extremely fragile. Her normal growth has been constantly impeded with numerous surgeries, leg braces, casts, back support systems to keep her spine straight, you name it. Doctors couldn’t tell if she would ever be able to walk normally. Well, this summer my friend came over to our house with his family. I couldn’t believe it, she was walking. With a limp on one side, her special shoes and leg braces, and believe it or not, her upper torso was in a cast… I think the cast weighed something like 8 pounds…! That little girl is determined to live. She doesn’t let anything stop her from trying to do what other normal kids do. Now that’s inspiring.

    Such people inspire me to go forward and to do whatever it takes for me to achieve my personal goals in life.

    Of course there are other things that can inspire me: a good book, an excellent movie or reading a nice story in the newspaper.

    I think inspiration goes with momentum. When I’m inspired to write about something, motivation comes naturally and I get going. If I stop for a day, I need to resume writing the next day, and so on. I keep myself inspired if I maintain the momentum. The moment I take an extended break from writing, I loose the momentum and I find that my inspiration dies a little bit. It’s not always easy to get the momentum rolling again. I am convinced that this happens to a lot of us writers! Am I right?

  2. Robyn Says:

    These are such awesome stories, Martin! Thanks so much for sharing. And I agree about momentum: it’s key (for me, anyway). That’s why it’s critical I write every day. Wishing you much momentum and inspiration! 🙂