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Do I Look Like Hannah Hart?

So I was inspired by all the first responders during the bombing and decided to get certified in CPR and first aid. Had a class last Wednesday and Thursday night. The kid I sat next to and who ended up being my partner was named Nick.

The second night Nick asked me, “You know what YouTube is, right?”

(Did I mention Nick just started shaving? OK, he wasn’t that young, but close. Early 20s.)

“Yes, Nick,” I said. “I know what YouTube is.”

“So there are some people who just make tons of videos – usually about nothing – yet they get tons of people to watch them and they make all this money.”

“You mean like Jenna Marbles?” I said.

Nick’s eye lit up, obviously impressed. “Exactly! Just like Jenna Marbles. Have you heard of Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen?”


“Last night I went on Hannah Hart’s Facebook page and wrote, ‘I’m taking a CPR class and my partner looks just like you.’”

“Really? I look like some chick named Hannah Hart? I hope that’s a good thing.”

Nick assured me it was.

Naturally, I googled her when I got home (look at this link — it’s a Google images link). I actually can see what he means in certain shots. Her videos are funny – you can check ‘em out on her FB page. I’ve quizzed a few folks, including the ‘rents, and they can all see it. It’s kindy spooky in some shots, like I’m looking at a picture of myself that I don’t remember being taken.

People who know me well will probably be able to see it. People who know me only from my head shots (and I had extra poundage in those pics) won’t likely see the resemblance since that’s all smoke and mirrors and fancy touch ups.

Note: Hannah Hart was born in November of 1986, making her not-quite 27. I’m taking this to mean that Nick probably has no idea I’m 40. Of course, he might still think almost-30 is ancient (see YouTube comment above), but I’m trying not to focus on that. 😉

Note #2: I’ve been thinking about going really short with my hair, and seeing how Hannah rocks the look, I might just do it. Stay tuned.