Books I Don’t Like

06/05/11 9:00 AM

Whenever I read a book I don’t like, I go to its Amazon page and read the 5- and 4-star reviews and remind myself that mine is just one opinion in a sea of thousands and to get over myself.

It gives me hope, actually, since it shows that there’s probably a writer out there for everyone. Some writers, sure, will have smaller followings than others. Other writers will have huge fan-tribes. But even those authors will have 1- and 2-star reviews in addition to their dozens of glowing tributes. It’s the ying/yang of reviews, the great equalizer (and humbilizer) for all of us.

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4 Comments on “Books I Don’t Like”

  1. Ghenet Says:

    SO true. The other day I saw some one review a book I loved with only 2 stars. I was like, WHAT?! But then I remembered that not every book is every one’s cup of tea. It’s very subjective.

  2. Geoffrey Cubbage Says:

    Also a powerful reminder of that all-important “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS” rule of internet writing.

  3. Mike Says:

    Publishing is hugely subjective because everyone has an opinion and we all believe that our opinions on something are worth vocalizing.

  4. Robyn Says:

    @Ghenet and @Mike — yep, very subjective, indeed!

    @geoffrey — I know some writers claim they don’t read their reviews…not sure I believe them entirely, though I have sworn off looking at my book sales this month, and I’m sure some people don’t believe that. 🙂