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09/02/12 6:00 AM

I’m an old-school blog reader, meaning I subscribe to blogs via email (I’ve never taken to RSS readers, although if I had an iPad, methinks my blog-reading methods would change).

Note to bloggers: add email subscriptions to your blogs. There are blogs I’d love to read regularly and that I promise myself I will, but I always end up forgetting. This wouldn’t happen if you added email subscriptions to your blog.

Blogs I Read Religiously (Listed In No Particular Order)

  • Seth Godin. Shrink, mentor, coach, inspiration all rolled into one.
  • Post Secret. The one and only blog that I remember to GO TO since I can’t subscribe via email. Updated every Sunday. Probably my #1 favorite blog.
  • Young House Love. So, I live in an apartment, don’t think I’ll ever own, and am pretty sure I’ll never be a DIY-er anyway. But I adore this blog and love peeking in on Sherry, John, Clara, and Burger.
  • Jessica Gottlieb, A Los Angeles Mom. Mom bloggers rule! I think she’s a stand-out blogger, and I like following her and reading the comments (this is how I get some mom knowledge for my novels…by listening to what real moms are talking about).
  • Joe Konrath’s Blog — another one I can’t subscribe to via email, but I check daily to see if he has anything up
  • Copyblogger – Not just about copywriting topics, which is cool
  • HubSpot…depending on the topic, I might read it right away, but they also post around five times a day, which is a lot.
  • All Facebook – roundup of articles; this is how I keep up with all things FB
  • All Twitter – roundup of articles; this is how I keep up with all things Twitter
  • eBook Newser – roundup of articles; this is how I keep up with eBook news
  • Galley Cat – roundup of articles; this, and the four directly above come in at the same time, every afternoon (M-F) around 4:00 p.m.
  • Digital Reader – All things digital and techie…lots of late-breaking news and theories
  • A Word a Day – gotta boost the vocab and help my chances in Scrabble with words like “cwm”
  • Love as a Found Object – from the immensely talented author Leah Hager Cohen, who was my thesis advisor when I went for my MFA at Lesley University

I subscribe to plenty of other blogs, like Gizmodo, but those are hit and miss — it depends on what the subject is. And there are bloggers, like Nathan Bransford, who are on hiatus, but I usually read his stuff same day (ditto with some writer friends’ blogs — I read their stuff when it comes in, but they’re not in the daily or even weekly blogging category). Also, some blogs — like Google’s Webmaster Central Blog — are always same-day reads, even though the posts don’t come in on a regular schedule. So I read them when (and if) they come in.

What blogs do your read regularly? Share in the comments.

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4 Comments on “Blogs I Read Religiously”

  1. Steve T Says:

    Never miss Seth’s blog and I think Mashable is excellent. I also read and the new for tech news. For writing, I like Chuck Wendig’s blog,

  2. Ghenet Myrthil Says:

    I’m also a Young House Love fan! My husband and I are saving up to buy a house so I’m kind of obsessed with that blog. I follow a few other blogs from your list but will check out the rest. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Robyn Says:

    @Ghenet — It’s funny…I don’t even have an interest in owning a house let alone a fixer upper, but I still love this blog! 🙂

    @Steve – Chuck’s blog looks like a good one, but, again, no email subscription. Grrr.

  4. Robyn Says:

    One more thing @Ghenet — I see you have an email subscription…yay! Just subscribed. 🙂