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7 Random Thoughts on a Thursday

1. There’s such a thing as Tight Jean Syndrome. I, however, do not suffer from this since I’m a Pajama Jeans convert.

2. I’m tired of all the viral marriage proposal videos circulating on Facebook and think it would be a lot more interesting if someone captured a real “I want a divorce” moment on video. What would be some good songs to use for that? Hmm.

3. Ditto with the commercials for EPT pregnancy test kits. Show a woman freaking out because she just found out she’s preggers and doesn’t know who the father is. (This is the picture my blogging software recommended regarding the pregnancy test concept. I found it amusing.)

4. Get this: books with expiration dates, as in the text disappears after a certain amount of time. Fascinating concept.

5. We’re in the midst of a mercury retrograde (through August 8). It’s a great time to do anything with an “re” in front of the word like “revising.” (But back up those computer files.)

6. I’m about one third of the way done with the draft of the third book and have been dealing with some major structural issues. They’ll all work out (I have to believe it at this point), but it’s been a challenge. Mostly in a good way, like putting together a puzzle.

7. I need to enter the 21st century and get a smart phone. There, I said it.

What random thoughts have you had this week? Share in the comments.

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